Update on Howard

Howard continues in Kelowna Hospital. Susan is very tired. She said to me two days ago this is the biggest trial of her life, and she’s had many. I can’t imagine how exhausting this is for her sleeping in a hospital cot next to Howard for months now. Unfortunately, they were just moved out of their private room and now share a room with others. Susan is hoping to find a small suite somewhere near the hospital where she can rent and go there to sleep at night.

The inflammation has gone down but only a little bit. If it goes down enough for Howard to not need to be in the hospital then they would return asap to Mexico to recover there. If that happened, they would be neighbors with us and we could help out too. As it is now, Howard can’t even sit up in a chair and hold up his body weight, nor is he able to be consciously present very much at all.

Here is a small update on Howard which was written by his brother Merrill yesterday,


“Many of you have been asking about how Howard is doing so I’ll give you all a little update here. Let’s just say that since the last report, it has been somewhat of a roller coaster affair. Things are up and down, discouraging and encouraging. Some days, Howard is sort of bright eyed and bushy tailed, and the next day he spends the whole day asleep. One day, his little Howardisms rise to the surface and the next day there is nothing. He continues to eat well without choking for which we are thankful. And today was his third day of his second treatment of IVIG, so we are trusting that this treatment will bring about some good results. So yeah, the road is long and challenging, especially for Susan. Thanks so much for your prayers for her and Howard, and their two daughters. Yes, a crazy time for sure. This journey isn’t easy either for my 96-year old mom, especially since we already said goodbye to one of our brothers on October 3rd. So yes, thanks so much to all of you for your continued prayers and encouragement. We are weak, but our Lord is strong! Thanking God for all of you.”