Two Churches Today

Good morning and happy mothers day to all mothers who must be honored for their incredible and imperative roll to human existence and human development. Thank you!

This morning I will be speaking at Agape church. Then in the afternoon at 5 PM I have been invited to speak at ‘El Shadday’ church which is a Mexican church with a large attendance of young Mexican people. Pastor Miguel invited me to share the P story with his congregation. Miguel also operates a Bible School Seminary and Missionary training program at his church. I will be honored to share our story with them.

Please pray for me in these meetings, that I may speak the word of God in truth and in Spirit and that this word would take effect in the hearts of the hearers to spring forth into life, to liberate and edify. Pray that I may readily find the words in Spanish to express what the Spirit lays on my heart.

Thank you,