Robin and I were blessed with a visit from our long time friend Brady for the past two weeks. Brady just left yesterday back to his home in the US. What a pleasant young man. We thoroughly enjoyed our time which was filled with many deep and meaningful conversations, excellent activities, food, and more. 20 years ago, Brady came with his father to Venezuela to visit our work among the P’s. We have had a close relationship since then including many, many conversations about the Lord.

God is at work in all of our lives. We are all on the journey of knowing and experiencing God. Some of our conversations with Brady were about steps of faith and sensing the leading of God in our lives. It was a joy to see Brady taking steps of faith while on this trip. One of these steps involved potentially selling his house at this time, not knowing exactly where that may lead. He mentioned a neighbor who may be interested in it. This house is special to Brady, he’s poured a lot of work, time and planning into it, but there is a deeper longing in his heart to walk with God. The sale of his house could be a pivotal moment for him in his journey of faith. He contacted his neighbor today, and the neighbor responded immediately with a yes. They will be meeting on Wednesday to discuss a potential negotiation.

I’m mentioning it to you to ask for prayer — prayer for a powerful answer from God, confirmation and peace in Brady’s heart to take this step of faith as the sale of his home could lead to other things which the Lord may have prepared for him.

Thank you for your sincere prayers for our beloved friend as he seeks to walk in the fellowship of the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth.