You never know what a day will bring, but God knows it. I wonder how often something comes to mind and causes us to pray. It is a mystery how God uses prayer. It’s like He runs His own thought through us back to Himself and by doing so manifests His divine intent in the world. I often reflect on what our lives would be without your partnership and the many prayers that are voiced to God on our behalf through you. Again, I have the sense that through your prayers God was watching over us in a recent wheel issue on our car. I wonder if your prayers made the difference of a disaster or not. Only God knows, but I kind of think this one is obvious. Click here to check watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

This morning, I spoke in church. The sermon was on the gospel of which I have been teaching on for the past few weeks. The emphasis is on the grace of God and our receiving of God’s perfect gift of righteousness by faith alone and not of works. It was one of the bolder messages I’ve given on the topic, but I feel quite strongly about the grace of God and His absolute righteous status poured out upon us through faith alone. This blessing is unconditional as it depends on Christ alone and received by us through genuine faith alone, apart from works. How easily we tend to slide into a performance based righteousness and try to gain God’s favor by our performance as Christians. Today’s message evidently offended one person, while another commented that it was the best sermon they had ever heard. I find that so strange, yet so common. Pray that the Lord would gift me with careful words that speak life and that those who hear the words would understand the truths which the Lord desires us to know. Pray for the offended person.

I am still waiting on the Lord for confirmation on a potential trip to Colombia to see the P’s. Please pray for the Lord to lead me in this. I just want to be obedient to His leading.

I have now recorded 25 radio programs and they are on the airwaves into Ven! I have not heard any feedback from the P’s yet, but I haven’t heard anything from any P’s in a long while. E should be arriving back to Wi-Fi any day now. The recording of the P new testament is scheduled for May. I hope E gets out soon. I have a few other projects that I would love for him to do while out in town like translation of a children’s book. We are also awaiting a more accurate estimate on how many more Bibles are needed based on his census work.

The final week at CEC school here in Mexico is about to end. Pray for all the students as they seek the Lord’s guidance as to where to go and how to fulfil their respective callings. Adam has no family. It kind of breaks my heart as I hear his story as he reminds me of my own son. May God bless them and guide them and be Father to them as He truly is.

Robin feels 100%. She’s finished her antibiotics and has a follow up doctor’s appointment tomorrow to review the ultrasound. I over did it with tennis last week and had a bit of a migraine. I played all out and so it told me that I’m not ready for that level of tennis yet. Still praying to find the Lord’s path for me in all this, but enjoying the great improvement.

Thanks for your faithful partnership,