Audio P NT

After many months and many miles, our translation team is back at it. Yesterday, they arrived to a town in Colombia where they will be working with Faith Comes By Hearing in order to create a complete dramatized audio recording of the P New Testament. Recording begins tomorrow! G, E and D will be the first speakers which will cover the voices of Narrator, Jesus and Paul.
I have avoided typing out their names in the email body for security purposes, but in this rare occasion, I have included a photo (photo taken this morning) of their names for your own benefit. The couple on the left, G and M, are of course husband and wife and our long time co-workers (their son J is not participating in this recording). Next to them is D and then the four on the right are a family. L, E and their son J with his newly wed wife N!
There will be more speakers to arrive in the weeks ahead to cover other voices in the NT. This project should take 6-8 weeks. Your prayers are very critical for the presence of the power, love and energy of the Spirit in each heart as they work and read the sacred text. You know how it is listening to audio books. You know how it is listening to an audio Bible where, when the reader doesn’t articulate in an appropriate spirit or intonation, how it affects the message. Think about how many people may listen to these recordings. Think about how many people may come to know Jesus through them. May the Spirit fill and guide them as they speak respectfully and honorably the words of life in a spirit of love and kindness.
Please also continue to pray for my travel plans. I, too, plan to travel to Colombia June 3-14. Although I will be in a different location than them, if I have the opportunity to fly over to seem them, I may do so.
 “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”
Romans 10:17