Update on Howard

The news on Howard is that he has been diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis caused by West Nile Virus. He’s been released to go home as there’s nothing more they can do for him in hospital. Recovery is uncertain. Merrill says “he’s still totally out of it”. Below is an email just in from Katie his daughter who also is part of the staff at the Bible School. She says it’s untreatable.



Well, it finally came, a diagnosis. The doctors received some tests back and my dad tested positive for West Nile. This is very unexpected, and has thrown us for a loop, but they’re sure that is what has caused his symptoms. It’s very rare and doesn’t affect most people this badly, but it has my dad. So now what? Well, they told us it is viral and untreatable. What he needs now is physical and cognitive therapy, and time. So this morning my Mum asked if there was any reason to remain in the hospital, if they were going to do anything else, and they said no. So she asked for my Dad to be released and they’re now back “home.” We have a good friend here in San Carlos that will be doing zoom therapy starting Monday and we will continue to pray that the swelling in his brain goes down and that he becomes his normal self again! The doctors said it could take a while, even up to a year for my dad to recover. Crazy.

Please pray for my Mum as she becomes his primary care giver. He still has double vision, is very off balance, is still very tired, and sometimes still confused. My Mum is happy that he will be more mobile and able to sit outside and work on recovery from the comfort of “home.” We’re so thankful for all the prayers, and please continue to pray that he will recover completely. There are still many unknowns, but we continue to trust in our heavenly Father for complete healing, encouragement, and wisdom for this road to recovery.

Denver and I have been busy prepping the school for a missions course that starts Monday, among other things! Life is intense, but good! Thanks again for standing with us in this difficult time, we continue to feel at peace, and though we have been confused by this diagnosis, we’re thankful for an answer and a plan for recovery.

I hope this finds you encouraged, whatever your days have held. And I’m so thankful we have an amazing, faithful God walking with us in everything! So incredible the hope we have.

Bye for now,