Update on Howard

The 24 hour time period the doctors gave in which Howard was to either survive or not have passed and he has improved! Thank you for praying. Susan wrote me this evening that the doctors say his kidneys are a little better. He had kidney failure because of the dye for the MRI.

The MRI revealed fluid around the brain causing inflammation and swelling. He is seeing double vision, dizzy and often can’t distinguish between reality and hallucination. The doctors don’t know what is causing the fluid build up. But Susan said this evening that he had a better day today and was lucid pretty much all day.

He’s not out of the woods yet, but it was sure good to get some better news today. Susan (Howard’s wife) is with him in the hospital. They gave her a bed next to Howard. She is exhausted but said she is so thankful the crisis is over.

Again, thanks so much for your prayers,