From a hater of people to a loving pastor of them

During our time in Mexico this year, I was privileged to meet Chuck Sheridan who now lives in San Carlos. Chuck has a large handlebar mustache, rides a Harley and is now the senior pastor at the San Carlos Community Church, which is the larger English speaking church there. One thing that stood out to me about Chuck was that he has a genuine love for Jesus Christ and he is open about it. This intrigued me and I thought to myself how everyone’s story is unique. Chuck began to come to the Bible School during lunches to interact with the students. We met, he invited me out to breakfast, and we began to get to know each other.

I asked him at breakfast why he loved Jesus and he briefly shared his story with me. Since I have a recording studio there, I thought ‘why not invite Chuck to come share his story there’. Prior to calling out to God, Chuck describes himself as having been an “angry”, “violent” man who “hated” people. I wanted to know what changed him and he was kind enough to come to the studio and share more fully his story. If you’d like to hear the interview you can listen to it here:

Interview with Chuck

Attached are a few photos of Chuck. One in 1978 and one together with his wife Lynn from about 2012.



“whoever calls on the name of the LORD Shall be saved”

Acts 2:21