Jesús Mayoudón

I have some good news about Jesús. News has it that he is actually still alive! It was weird for me to get this news. I’m waiting to get more details. I’m sorry to have burdened you earlier with inaccurate information of his death. I spoke with G who explained the double meaning of their phrase, “they took him out”. In the literal sense, it means to take someone out of something like a house. But in the figurative sense, it means to take a person out from the village to a grave or tomb. Thus, in the context of him being sick (I still haven’t heard the details on his sickness), when news went out that Jesús had been “taken out”, it was misunderstood as the latter of the two above meanings and thus, rumors spread. In actuality, he had suffered (what I heard) some sort of paralysis during his journey home from Colombia and that he therefore stopped along the way in Pendare to rest or recover. The news reported then was that they had “taken him out” of the house in Pendare so he could return to his own village farther up river, but it was misunderstood.

So, this is good news, yet I still don’t know of his physical condition. G just left on a missions trip to the Parguaza river where he will be teaching at two different Bible conferences, one in White Dirt and the other in Maraca. Jesús lives just down river from Maraca, so G will likely see him and he told me that he would bring back news personally to me when he comes back to town.

In the meantime, pray for Jesús as you sense the Lord’s leading you to pray, for his recovery from whatever has been ailing him and that he might return to his wonderful and powerful teaching ministry among his people.

All for now,