A Good Night

You may or may not have known about the flooding in BC last month and the destruction of our major highways. Due to the road closures we had to take a detour through Princeton. Highway 3 had been closed too, but it recently opened. It added a few more hours to the trip to Surrey last night, but we made it safe and sound. The roads were treacherous. Ice and compact snow, though the scenery was beautiful since it was not snowing at the time. We saw at least 10 cars and/or Semi’s overturned in the ditch. I was reflecting last night that these roads are actually doable with a little wisdom, experience and patience – patience being very key. We drove very gingerly and slow keeping a care of traction, speed. Avoiding breaking traction is key. Going down hill around curves are the worst. We will leave the snow tires on the car for this trip.

I was reflecting this morning about the wisdom and patience. “Where does it come from?” “Who does it belong to?” These thoughts made me think of you and your prayers as I reflected on the presence of these things in our hearts as we drove. Thank you for upholding us thus far and we appreciate your prayers for us now as we continue. Surrey got about 8″ of snow last night. We plan to be at the border crossing in a few hours from now after breakfast with Gord, Gail and Gina.

Much love to you,