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Recording underway

Attached find a photo from this morning of the team at work. Not visible in the photo is D who is speaking the Narrator’s text. G and E are carefully watching the text as D reads so as to make sure that nothing is missed or added incorrectly. The FCBH director Daniel, is monitoring. He sets the context for the reader and suggests the type of tone to add depending on whether it’s a Pharisee debating, or a hungry soul searching, etc. E said they really have it all mapped out well and down to a science. Thanks for your continued prayers for them.

Sandra, the other FCBH director, texted me today and said, “We are making progress and truly, these brothers are very, VERY special and sharp.” It was nice to hear such great feedback from her.

In the meantime, I have purchased tickets to Colombia for the Tribal Pastor’s Conference which Russell invited me to. I will be gone from here June 3-15. I will fly from Mexico. Robin decided to stay on in Mexico while I’m gone rather than try to make it back to Canada. I scheduled a few more days in Colombia since G, E and D will not be able to take time off of the recording to attend the conference. G was a little emotional when he found out that he wasn’t able to attend the conference. So, I scheduled a few more days in Colombia and, once back to Bogota from the conference, I will fly to this other Colombia border town where they are recording and I will be able to spend a few days with them there.

E just sent me a message saying that G and D have made it as far as Matthew 20 and that E (voice of Paul) has finished Romans 1-9.

Thanks for your prayers,


The challenge of communication

Just received this photo from E which shows the three men who will be doing this first phase of the reading. They look happy and spiffed up ready to work. The mobile studio is set up and they are beginning to record today! I was thinking today how much intonation can change the meaning of the text. You can read something with an angry tone, a proud tone, a smug tone, a self righteous tone, a strong tone, a weak tone or a loving or kind tone… The list goes on. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve listened to audio Bibles before in English, there have been some that come across in a tone that, in my opinion, doesn’t suit the Spirit of God who inspired the words. Imagine how easily you could insert your own tone into the text. Imagine the great challenge it would be to read Jesus’ voice.

I sent E, G and D a message today to that effect so that they may seek to set their minds on the nature of God as they speak on His behalf. (That’s a challenge to all of us!).

As you think of them reading hour upon hour, pray for them that the Spirit of God would fill their own soul with the right intonation of each text and to guard them from inserting any false ideas.



“Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering”
Colossians 3:12

Audio P NT

After many months and many miles, our translation team is back at it. Yesterday, they arrived to a town in Colombia where they will be working with Faith Comes By Hearing in order to create a complete dramatized audio recording of the P New Testament. Recording begins tomorrow! G, E and D will be the first speakers which will cover the voices of Narrator, Jesus and Paul.
I have avoided typing out their names in the email body for security purposes, but in this rare occasion, I have included a photo (photo taken this morning) of their names for your own benefit. The couple on the left, G and M, are of course husband and wife and our long time co-workers (their son J is not participating in this recording). Next to them is D and then the four on the right are a family. L, E and their son J with his newly wed wife N!
There will be more speakers to arrive in the weeks ahead to cover other voices in the NT. This project should take 6-8 weeks. Your prayers are very critical for the presence of the power, love and energy of the Spirit in each heart as they work and read the sacred text. You know how it is listening to audio books. You know how it is listening to an audio Bible where, when the reader doesn’t articulate in an appropriate spirit or intonation, how it affects the message. Think about how many people may listen to these recordings. Think about how many people may come to know Jesus through them. May the Spirit fill and guide them as they speak respectfully and honorably the words of life in a spirit of love and kindness.
Please also continue to pray for my travel plans. I, too, plan to travel to Colombia June 3-14. Although I will be in a different location than them, if I have the opportunity to fly over to seem them, I may do so.
 “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”
Romans 10:17

Two Churches Today

Good morning and happy mothers day to all mothers who must be honored for their incredible and imperative roll to human existence and human development. Thank you!

This morning I will be speaking at Agape church. Then in the afternoon at 5 PM I have been invited to speak at ‘El Shadday’ church which is a Mexican church with a large attendance of young Mexican people. Pastor Miguel invited me to share the P story with his congregation. Miguel also operates a Bible School Seminary and Missionary training program at his church. I will be honored to share our story with them.

Please pray for me in these meetings, that I may speak the word of God in truth and in Spirit and that this word would take effect in the hearts of the hearers to spring forth into life, to liberate and edify. Pray that I may readily find the words in Spanish to express what the Spirit lays on my heart.

Thank you,



Robin and I were blessed with a visit from our long time friend Brady for the past two weeks. Brady just left yesterday back to his home in the US. What a pleasant young man. We thoroughly enjoyed our time which was filled with many deep and meaningful conversations, excellent activities, food, and more. 20 years ago, Brady came with his father to Venezuela to visit our work among the P’s. We have had a close relationship since then including many, many conversations about the Lord.

God is at work in all of our lives. We are all on the journey of knowing and experiencing God. Some of our conversations with Brady were about steps of faith and sensing the leading of God in our lives. It was a joy to see Brady taking steps of faith while on this trip. One of these steps involved potentially selling his house at this time, not knowing exactly where that may lead. He mentioned a neighbor who may be interested in it. This house is special to Brady, he’s poured a lot of work, time and planning into it, but there is a deeper longing in his heart to walk with God. The sale of his house could be a pivotal moment for him in his journey of faith. He contacted his neighbor today, and the neighbor responded immediately with a yes. They will be meeting on Wednesday to discuss a potential negotiation.

I’m mentioning it to you to ask for prayer — prayer for a powerful answer from God, confirmation and peace in Brady’s heart to take this step of faith as the sale of his home could lead to other things which the Lord may have prepared for him.

Thank you for your sincere prayers for our beloved friend as he seeks to walk in the fellowship of the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth.