March news

Every year we come to Mexico there is always something new. Life seems to be always changing, and we especially see that in this place that is host to many transient people.

After being together with the P’s in Colombia this year, I was inspired by the powerful ways the Lord uses music. The P’s love music, so this opens up special opportunities to minister the word of God to them. You may remember from a previous email me sharing Elendie’s music and also the story of Rick’s music.

Now that the NT is done, the P’s aren’t here. This year I am not teaching at the Bible School, nor have I been preaching at church, so this year has been P music in my studio! It’s been a challenge to learn how to properly record music, but I am so blessed to have Fernando (Russell’s audio engineer) working with me and teaching me how to go about it.

Jorge and Sole are such a blessing! They have surprised me many times at the dedication they have to serve the Lord together as a team at Agape Christian Fellowship here in San Carlos. They have moved into roles which facilitate their gifting so well. Sole leads worship every Sunday and has begun a women’s Bible study in Spanish where great things are happening. Jorge faithfully preaches every Sunday and is also involved in many people’s lives. They are currently talking about adding a service in Spanish as well on Sunday. Pray the Lord uses them mightily.

One of the treasures here for me this year at Agape church was meeting a pastor who was originally from South Africa, but now living in Duncan BC. He faithfully attended Agape this year and blessed us every Sunday and Friday night Bible Study with his presence. In visiting with Tony, I felt led to hear his story, so I invited him to my studio to have a Podcast conversation with him. If you would like to enjoy the Podcast yourself, you can click here to hear it. I’m learning many things from this precious and humble man:

Robin and I keep getting blessed with grandkids! We have 9 and 3 more on the way. Next in line is another baby about to be born to our son Jared and his wife Natalie, then after that Levi and Laura and then Mike and Candace! Robin is such an incredible grandma. Her heart is huge for those kids. This year, she will be heading back to Canada early to be with Natalie and Jared for the birth of their new baby. She flies on April 5th. I will stay back in Mexico working on P radio programs and music until May 5th. I appreciate your prayers as I compose P music. May it be glorifying to the Lord and edifying to the P’s.