Howard and Murray

My dear friend and co-worker Howard, whom you’ve heard me reference many times as he is the director of the Bible school in Mexico, as we speak is in critical condition fighting for his life in Kelowna General Hospital. After an MRI, spinal tap and various other tests, the 6 doctors that are tending to him are stumped as to this mysterious condition. He continues to spiral rapidly downward, incoherent, hallucinating in and out of consciousness. This all came about withing the last week.

Strangely, at this very same time, his brother Murray is on his last leg in hospice care in Australia dying of cancer. Howard has served God his whole life. Murray rejected God some 40 years ago, living as an atheist and in the recent few years developed cancer. He spoke to Merrill earlier today saying goodbye and said he feels the end is just days away as he has stopped eating as well. You can imagine the flurry of emotions which must be flooding the Dyck family now with this additional and totally unexpected decline in Howard’s health. It’s just a shock. It’s strange and yet I sense somehow that this is more than a coincidence as Howard and Murray were the closest both in age, similarities and also friendship though Howard is a strong, dedicated believer and Murray a dedicated atheist. In his younger years Murray believed in God.

Please pray that God soften Murray’s heart at this very moment and move him even to pray for his brother’s healing. Please pray that God miraculously heals them both. I don’t know what Mexico looks like this year without Howard. This is all so unexpected. God hears every sincere prayer no matter how small.

Howard’s doctors apparently gave Howard about 24 hours to live unless something drastically changes.