This year’s mission trip to Mexico has been packed full of set-backs. We arrived loaded with plans and studio equipment so that we could get to recording P Bible lessons. Yet it seemed that every step we endeavored to take forward was met with one or more obstacles. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to learn patience and to let God have His perfect will and timing in all that we do. I will share a few of them so you get the idea, but really, this is normal life for everyone I suppose:

  1. The house we had reserved to stay in sold. We did not know where we were going to stay and then God provided a home. We are thankful indeed.
  2. The house He provided had not been lived in, so at the outset we got to work on the house to put it into order (i.e., install curtains, shelves, dresser, etc.)
  3. As the Bible school was about to start, the teachers got sick and so school was postponed.
  4. Then WE got sick!
  5. I barely felt well and began to teach, but had no energy left over to do anything else for at least a few weeks.
  6. The studio was filthy and required a lot of clean up, so off to work cleaning (that was fun actually). But painting and repairing took longer than expected. Every time I went to do something, it seemed I lacked something else, so off to the hardware store on my bike. When I began to set up equipment, my electrical tester revealed that the electrical system was not grounded, so on I went to track down a grounding rod and re-wire the main outlet to be used.
  7. The carpet I bought for the studio (so as to reduce echo), was heavily creased, brand new off the roll, and wouldn’t lay flat on the floor. So I had to borrow Susan’s iron and steam iron every crease to get it to lay flat.
  8. The paint I applied to the tables pealed off (lol).
  9. The “better”, “more dependable” bicycle I brought down here to use broke down. I spent several hours trying to fix it (it has an internal hub gear system), but to no avail. So I dug out the old one. I began using it, but then the tire went flat on it, even after I put a liner in it! So off to the hardware store again (lol).
  10. Then it was time to get in shape, so as to have more energy, but wham, then there was the migraine issue. So off to the doctor’s.
  11. The MRI appointment got postponed due to maintenance. So, that added three more weeks to the MRI question which is still not answered.
  12. I bought a new computer on the way down and a high quality interface to do the music recording since I was having so many issues with the old equipment in Canada. But the computer is not recognizing the interface, even after two days of trouble shooting with Rick connecting to my computer.
There are at least another 20 items that could be added to this list. I hope you know that I am not complaining. All these have been and are good exercises in patience and trust, and I would not be surprised if they just kept continuing. Yet through all these things, we continue to be greatly blessed by the Lord. We just keep plodding forward and have lots of things to be thankful for in the ways God has used us on this trip so far, even though we may be pushed back with each step we take. I’m reminded of Paul’s words, “We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed —  always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.
My little list cannot compare to Paul’s, but the principle is the same. I feel like we are all being prepared for things to come, most likely in the age to come. God is preparing us. I am teaching at the Bible School to prepare young people for their service to come, but God is teaching all of us in His classroom, preparing us for things to come. Great things of glorification and the entire creation awaits us.
Today, I had a list of things to repair, but in the moment in which I was going to go for supplies, something said, “No”, “Just stay put and start recording anyway”. So that is what I did. I recorded the next radio program in P. I saved the file, but now it won’t play. I’ll have to look into that tomorrow. It’s probably just some setting on my new computer. Rick should know.
I did go get the MRI on Friday, but the next available appointment with the Dr was on the following Friday (two days from now). So, I’m scheduled to take in the images to him this Friday and see what he says.
In the meantime, I asked Javier to share a little with you. Javier (I’m unclear on his background; I think it was drug addiction, then legalistic Christianity) was a total delight to have in my class. He was just so full of joy and life. Often during the class, he would raise his arms up like a hockey player who just scored as he was just pumped with the message, coming off the pages of the Bible, the message of absolute grace and power of the finished work of Christ for him and to him before he was ever born. This is likely what is in his mind as he briefly shares his experience here at the school with you in this video. Here is the video:
Thanks for your prayers and uplifting words,