Juan David

I’d like to share a little more with you from my students. In the following video clips, I asked Juan to share a little about himself and what he is learning here at CEC. Juan’s Spanish is poor. Can you imagine the academic setting of a Bible School and then not being able to study in your heart language? I’ve seen this dilemma first hand with the P’s. It’s just SO hard to really learn things in a second language, and in Juan’s case, he doesn’t speak Spanish very well.
In my class, I am constantly asking questions as it reveals what people are understanding and it also forces them to think for themselves. I don’t think we will ever learn anything from God if we don’t think for ourselves. Jesus quoted the OT scripture “…and they shall all be taught by God.” He then said,  “Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me.” (John 6:45)
As I have been contemplating Juan in my class, his answers often reveal that he’s not really tracking or getting the concepts. I wonder though what God’s purpose for him is through this time in his life here. He is learning things even though they may not be the central focus of a given class. I see that he has a genuine hunger to know God and to serve God and his own people. He told me today that when he’s in his village, he speaks pure Guarijío. He also told me that he wants to be able to serve his people through prayer. I think he goes around to those who are hurting among his people and prays for them. He came here to CEC in order to learn more of God in the hopes of serving God there in his village. I asked him if there is a Bible in his language. He said, “yes, there is but you can’t understand it”.
So, may God fulfill his purpose for Juan in his time here and may we be aware of what God is doing in Juan’s life so that we may work along with God. Some plant, and some water, but God gives the increase.
Click the videos below to watch this morning’s interview with Juan.
I appreciate your prayers for Juan,