Just a quick prayer request if you would be so kind. For some years, I’ve had a degenerating issue in my neck which has been causing headaches. They are very annoying and debilitating, usually for a day or two. However, in this recent year, I have been also getting migraines after certain physical motions like tennis or over head exercises. I love to try to keep fit and also play sports as much as I can but wow, it’s been like clock work 2 hours after tennis, on comes the blind spots, then the headache.

A week ago Saturday, I had the worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life. I typically don’t get them, but with whatever issue is in my neck, the worse it gets. Getting older each year doesn’t seem to help.

So, I went to see the doctor here who is an excellent MD that I trust. He wants me to get an MRI. I just got off the phone with the radiology facility and am booked for an MRI this Friday the 18th.

I would appreciate your prayers that we could find out what is happening in my neck and find a way to correct it. It has been an on going issue for many years, of which the Lord has not healed me. The migraine I had on Saturday was pure pain and misery. The nausea and the pain were so intense my body could only react by crying. I did learn some precious things through that difficult moment and so, I thank the Lord for the trial, but I’m also asking Him to heal me of it whether it be by His hand directly or by His hand through these wonderful doctors and professionals that He has blessed me with.

Thank you,