Paused for a week

Sorry for the long delay.

We are still without internet. They are backlogged and figure it still may take a couple weeks before we have internet in our house. In the meantime, I’ve been sick with the flu for about 5 days and only now finally had enough energy to go over to Howard’s and borrow the WIFI.

We made it to Mexico safe and sound and were provided with a wonderful home to stay in. We are looking forward to all that the Lord has for us, even now thankful to Him for this time of stillness.

Russell has made a disciple out of E. See the attached photos of E passing out Russell’s Spanish Bibles to the guards at the road check points along the highway as he is presently transporting 277 boxes of P Bibles (5,540 Bibles) to several villages up river and also across the border in Colombia.

The other teachers were sick too, so school got postponed a week.

Will be in touch as things begin to take shape.

Thanks for all your prayers and loving notes and support.