NDE update

In the past year or so, it seems the Lord has made me aware of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). I have therefore taken an interest in them, as in so many aspects, they bear witness to the declaration of Scripture. One of the most common things reported by those who have been clinically dead (for a short period of time) is the overwhelming sensation of love which they report experiencing when they leave the body and enter the light.

There are reported in the US alone over 20 million documented cases of NDE’s. I have listened to hundreds of these testimonies online. I wonder… if there are 20 million documented cases in the US alone, how many remain that are not documented? and then I wonder… what about the rest of the world? These 20 million are only in the US.

One of the things that grabbed my interest on this topic was that in my own personal relationships I have met 4 people who, independent of each other, have shared their NDE testimony with me, two of them were P’s. One brother named Tomás and another named Miguel both shared with me how they were injured and came out of their body and noticed that they were above their body looking down on themselves and realized they must have died. I look forward to chatting with Tomás and Miguel again in the future to hear more details about their experience.

In the meantime, I want to share with you the testimony of another one of my friends. A few years ago on our way through California, I was visiting my dear brother in the Lord, Jim Bowles. As we were visiting, he shared with me his own experience. Again it was not in response to anything I elicited. Jim brought up the subject himself and shared his life changing experience on the other side of the veil (as he calls it) when he died for about 30 minutes. During that time, Jim testifies of an encounter with the Lord Jesus and the incredible life changing impact this encounter had on his life. He was given the option of whether to come back to this realm or not and he chose to do so.

As I reflected on Jim’s testimony and continued to study other’s testimonies (like that of Howard Storm which you can find online), I decided that, since I have podcasting equipment and since for my P radio ministry I want to enhance my recording skills, I decided to have an interview over the phone with Jim. Although the phone connection is inferior to that of the professional mic which I used, you can still here Jim’s voice loud and clear.

If you are interested in hearing the interview, you can click on the link below and listen.

As always, I would love to hear your comment either on the testimony itself or on the recording. Enjoy,